Beyond Leadership to Collaboration in the Local Church

Last December, “I’m Dreaming of a ‘Fat Christmas’” began a Metokos blog journey to show a path to healthy, revitalized churches.  This entry, a final bit on Collaboration, ends this first cycle of Metokos blogs. These six pieces have been designed to lead … [Continue Reading...]

Genesis 1 and the Roots of Collaboration, A Path to a Healthy Church

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was an age of wisdom, it was an age of foolishness….” So read the memorable first lines of Charles Dickens’s 1859 work, “A Tale of Two Cities.” First lines should hook readers to turn the page to a … [Continue Reading...]

Collaboration, a path to a Healthy Church

It’s time to look at the beginning of the “how.”  How will Metokos guide your church to being a revitalized place? The answer is, by reminding you of what it means to collaborate. In her stash of English-teacher books, my wife has an old book by S.I. … [Continue Reading...]

Mercy.Justice.Descipleship. Part 3b/3

Okay, so this entry on our thinking journey is going to include a good deal of quoting.  Quite simply, ministry-focused topics need to pull in thought and scholarship from around the church.  Let’s be thankful the writing is out there as we work in … [Continue Reading...]

Mercy. Justice. Worship. Part 3a/3

Easter Day 2016 has come and gone.  Last Sunday, churches everywhere were full of “heartfelt gladness” as described in Acts 2.  But, as we continue this examination of mercy and justice in the context of a revitalized church, we must not forget the other … [Continue Reading...]

Mercy and Justice on the Path to Gladness and Generosity in a Healthy Church, Part 2/3

Remember that tired and discouraged pastor from early in this series about the focus of Metokos?  He shared a number of things about his church that had him down emotionally. We could hear his frustration at efforts his church made that seemed to show no … [Continue Reading...]

Mercy and Justice Part 1/3

If we think of a blog a free food – free thought food, if you will, then here is the next tray. As you help yourself to the topic offered, keep talking to your conversation partner(s). Soon that conversation can lead to a relationship. The Metokos blog … [Continue Reading...]

Mercy, The Third Leg of the Healthy Church

Since we are looking at the health of the revitalized church as a three-legged stool, it is time to take a look at the third leg balancing the stool – Mercy Ministry. A revitalized church must address Mercy Ministries as well as Worship and Discipleship … [Continue Reading...]

Discipleship Revitalization

Worship, discipleship, and mercy – these are the three strong legs of the stool Metokos helps churches to build as they seek God’s direction in revitalizing themselves. I have given some thought seeds on worship. Now, let’s do the same for the second leg … [Continue Reading...]

I Am Dreaming of a “Flat Christmas”

There is a Christmas song that goes, “Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat!” Too often for some pastors it feels like Christmas is coming and my church is going flat. Christmas somehow can become a routine that feels like a rut—a “flat rut” to … [Continue Reading...]

Metokos Ministries 2.0

The name for Metokos Ministries comes from the story in Luke 5 where the first class of disciples is found fishing. After listening to Jesus comment on their net placement, and following his direction, the fishermen of one boat found their nets breaking … [Continue Reading...]

Pray for the Pastor’s Wife: Love

Written by Megan Hill I have a friend who frequently asks me , “Would you pray that I could be what my husband and kids need?” Every time she asks, I am freshly astounded by her humility and love. She is a very gifted woman who would have much to offer … [Continue Reading...]

8 Causes of Pastoral Ministry Slump

BY THOM S. RAINER , CHRISTIAN POST CONTRIBUTOR The "slump" metaphor is used often in sports. The baseball hitter is in a slump because he has not gotten a hit in 15 at bats. The football quarterback is in a slump because he has only completed eight … [Continue Reading...]

Turnaround: How dying churches can find new life

For years, a handful of members of Hillview Baptist Church in Franklin, Tenn., prayed their pews would be filled with worshippers. In early June, those prayers were finally answered, as more than 300 people gathered for a Sunday morning service. But … [Continue Reading...]

Small, Struggling Churches Look Outside Their Walls to Attract More Members

By Lindsay Corcoran Struggling with dwindling attendance, building maintenance challenges and the task of keep a staff to help fund the future, small churches are looking outside of their own walls to reach people in new ways to grow their … [Continue Reading...]

Why Villages Matter: How the Church Died in North Africa, but Survived in Egypt

In recent years, it has become popular among evangelicals (especially Reformed evangelicals) to emphasize church planting in big cities.  Numerous books, articles, and blog posts have put forth the call to plant churches in the major urban centers of the … [Continue Reading...]

Learning to Pastor

By Micah Fries I started serving as a pastor when I was 20 years old. Aside from a year serving as a church planter in Burkina Faso, I have been serving as a pastor ever since. I was recently thinking about the ways in which I’ve grown since I first … [Continue Reading...]

Should a Pastor Be Discouraged About His Small Church?

Written by Brian Croft Pastors, regardless the pressures you face in your congregation to “produce the numbers,”  focus on caring for souls.  Be faithful to evangelize, preach the gospel every week, pray for conversions, but make sure your primary … [Continue Reading...]

Small Church, Big hearts: Little Pikeville congregation finds a new way to reach those in need

By Kevin Hardy PIKEVILLE, Tenn. — You might call it the little church that could. Lee Station Baptist Church was already providing its community with a clothes closet, a food pantry and an impromptu winter shelter. But the recent gift of a quaint … [Continue Reading...]

Megachurch Trends We Small Churches Must Face

By Alan Rudnick The appeal of the megachurch is undeniable: big building, large worship setting, youth and children’s programs, and a semi-celebrity pastor. Yet many smaller churches have not learned from their large counter parts.  There are some things … [Continue Reading...]