The Waiting Is The Hardest Part (Patience In Ministry And Parenting)

Written by Toby B. Holt “When ministering to others, it is easy to get frustrated with people who just “don’t get it” or don’t seem to have the will power to stop certain behaviors. It is easy to throw one’s arms up in the air when ministering to the … [Continue Reading...]

top 5 problems part 2

The Top 5 Problems with Churches Needing Revitalization | Part 2

The insufficiency (or even total lack) of involvement in Mercy Ministries Don K. Clements Last week our topic (Number 1 on the list of Gaps in Ministry) was communication between the Session and the Congregation (including both ways; two and from … [Continue Reading...]

Building an Effective Ministry Team in the Smaller Church

By Glenn Daman Pastor John sat at his desk frustrated and discouraged. In the past several months he had been working with the board and the Christian education committee to form a new after-school program for children as a community outreach. When he … [Continue Reading...]

top 5 problems

The Top 5 Problems with Churches Needing Revitalization

What are the most common issues that Revitalization Plans have to work on? Don K. Clements This past Sunday (Aug 17) I had the privilege of preaching morning and evening at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS. You may recognize the name … [Continue Reading...]

A Review: Some Reasons for Pastoral Burnout

Written by Shane Lems Clay Werner, a pastor in the PCA (Presbyterian Church of America), has been through the pastoral ringer and lived to write about it in his new book, On The Brink: Grace for the Burned-Out Pastor (Phillipsburg: P&R, 2014).  If … [Continue Reading...]

Tips For Hospital Visiting

Written by David Murray  “That fear of “What will I say?” deters lots of people from hospital visits. But you don’t need to say a lot. In fact, silence often communicates more than our words. You can speak of Christ’s sufferings and of how He … [Continue Reading...]


Metokos Ministries | Schedule

At the end of each week, usually on Friday's, I'll try to post the schedule for the next couple of weeks in advance so you can keep track of my travels and pray for the various churches. Also, I will keep you informed of some times in the near future I … [Continue Reading...]

Personal Organization For The Sake Of Fruitful Ministry

Written by Derek J. Brown “Your time is much like your money: if you want to be generous with it, you must get organized.  Take a given week for example.  If you neglect to plan how you will use your time each day, you will most likely waste a lot of … [Continue Reading...]


Our Newest Book is Now Available | Beyond The Sun: A Bible Study on Ecclesiastes

Metokos Press has just released our newest book, Beyond the Sun: A Bible Study on Ecclesiastes by David Feedes. Actually, it is the first book of what will be a series of about 8 books in what the author, David Feddes, former featured speaker on the … [Continue Reading...]

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Would a Division be Good for the PCA?

Did not the Prophet Amos pose the question: 'Can two walk together, except they be agreed?' Don K. Clements Monday July 28th was the 40th anniversary of my ordination in the PCA, although my certificate says I was ordained in the National … [Continue Reading...]

Higher Calling, Lower Wages: The Vanishing of the Middle-Class Clergy

Written by David R. Wheeler  “Working multiple jobs is nothing new to pastors of small, rural congregations. But many of those pastors never went to seminary and never expected to have a full-time ministerial job in the first place. What’s new is the … [Continue Reading...]

Expectant Churches vs. Reactive Churches

Written by Chuck Lawless Reactive churches are led by “fireman” leaders. That is, their leaders spend their time “putting out fires” rather than casting vision and raising up leaders. Keeping the congregation happy today consumes more energy than … [Continue Reading...]

Nine Questions You Should Ask Before Leading a Church Revitalization

Written by Thom Rainier  “While we can’t presume upon God’s timing in our lives, we do not need to enter the leadership of church revitalization as a stepping stone assignment. Change is often painfully slow, three steps forward and two steps backward. … [Continue Reading...]

It's Only Pain

It’s Only Pain

But when it lasts for over six months and is so debilitating you can't work, that cliché' doesn't work too well.  I haven't posted anything on the Metokos website for about a year. And I have not been able to do much else - including work - during the … [Continue Reading...]

You Might Want to Fact-Check Your Pastor’s Sermon

Written by Bob Smietana I’ve heard most of these in church or seen them in the pages of Christian publications. You may have heard a few of them, too: Church members get divorced at the same rate as anyone else. The church in the U.S. is dying. Most … [Continue Reading...]

Diagnosing the health of the church by Biblical Standards

Business models should not to be used in the church, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. In a recent article on The Aquila Report, PCA Teaching Elder Timothy Hammons gives a harsh critique to an article about unhealthy churches by zeroing … [Continue Reading...]

A Celebration of Revival: The Farmville Project

A Celebration of Revival:  The Farmville Event BACKGROUND: In recent years a group of PEF evangelists gather in one place to do a few days of intensive evangelism.   Because of the strong connection of Farmville, VA in the history of revivals in … [Continue Reading...]

‘The Top Ten Ministry Gaps For Smaller Churches’

Survey Research results from the most recent churches we have worked with. As we explain in depth on the website, Survey Research is crucial to our work in evaluating client churches for just about anything we do, but particularly in helping to design … [Continue Reading...]

What Can We Learn About Smaller Churches through Survey Research?

At the very heart of the success we have had at Metokos Ministries in both revitalization through vision planning and in pulpit committee training and coaching has been the use of professional survey research. Let me explain why this is so important. In … [Continue Reading...]

Drawings for Free Books At PCA General Assembly

Metokos Ministries will conduct drawings for free books on Tuesday through Thursday at the PCA General Assembly in Greenville, which starts in just over two weeks. Our booth will be very close to the Bookstore; last one in aisle 2 as you walk in from the … [Continue Reading...]