Why Small Churches Are the Next Big Thing

by Karl Vaters There’s no shortage of studies bemoaning the next generation’s exodus from the Church. Yet while some have written off Millennials’ spiritually, this is a mistake—for the Church and for the Millennials. In the face of this reality, a … [Continue Reading...]

God Loves My Boring, Unimportant Neighborhood

Written by Darren Carlson, TGC Who are the trophies of grace in your mind? Athletes? Actors? Government leaders? I don’t want to lessen the miracle of salvation God works in the lives of these high-profile figures. But do you have a pecking order? Do … [Continue Reading...]

News of Interest to Churches

IRS Commits to Auditing Churches but Keeps Procedures a Secret Does the IRS have procedures in place for auditing churches?  Apparently so, to the surprise of many. The House Passes Some Tax … [Continue Reading...]

The Rare Leadership Virtue of Patience

By Tim Suttle “The movement that Jesus begins is constituted by people who believe that they have all the time in the world, made possible by God’s patience, to challenge the world’s impatient violence by cross and resurrection.” — Stanley … [Continue Reading...]


Shrink: Faithful Ministry in a Church – Growth Culture | Now Available Wherever Books are Sold

By Tim Suttle   Our society is fascinated with success. The American story is about bigger, better, higher, stronger, and faster. Don’t talk about limits, talk about results; talk about the latest models, strategies, and techniques that … [Continue Reading...]

On Local Churches And The Sovereignty of God

Written by Jason Parker “Pastors and teachers preach and teach the Word, equipping the members of the body to build one another up to maturity. To each member is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. In these actual, gathered … [Continue Reading...]

Tusculum Hills to House Bivocational/ Small Church Center

Does the PCA need something like this?  How about a couple of regional conferences for starters?  Read the full article and then comment here or email our director with your ideas at don@metokos.org.  "Noting that 80 percent of Southern Baptist … [Continue Reading...]

Creating A Hospice Ministry For Churches

By Ed Stetzer It is better for denomination or network leaders to be prepared to respond to dying churches rather than to react to the despair of confused churchless members as churches move toward closure. Many churches will reach the end of their … [Continue Reading...]

Should a Pastor Be Discouraged if His Church is in Decline?

Written by Brian Croft How many people now attend a church versus ten years ago and why, does give us some helpful insight into why a church is struggling, but that does not always tell the full story.  This way of evaluation can also be an unnecessary … [Continue Reading...]

Four Unexpected Benefits of a Small Church

Jonathan Schindler I'm a member of a small church. Our church had around 150 members when my wife, Abby, and I started attending almost seven years ago, but now our numbers are closer to 70-90. Our sanctuary, built for around 200, is often sparsely … [Continue Reading...]

Taking Friendship To A New Level

Written by Scott Sauls Whereas “modern” friendship asks, “What can this person do to make my life better?” a Gospel-centered friendship asks, “What can I do to make this person’s life better? What can I do to ‘enhance her glory,’ to help her be and … [Continue Reading...]

5 Reasons Your Church May Be So Small

Written by Allan Edwards I pastor a small church. I love small church life. I love the familiarity, the closeness, and the pace of life in small churches. We’re in a small town/rural community. We’re striving to repent of our self-righteousness. We’re … [Continue Reading...]

6 Tips from Small Church for Ministries of Any Size

A few years ago, my neighbors, Dan and Jill Johnson and their two kids, became enthralled with a megachurch. About every other month, they’d travel 200 miles to attend and soak up the excitement of the super church—the lively, professional worship, the … [Continue Reading...]

Hymn vs Praise Music

The differences between Hymns and Praise music: An old farmer went to the city one weekend and attended the big city church. He came home and his wife asked him how it was. “Well,” said the farmer, “It was good. They did something different, however. … [Continue Reading...]

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part (Patience In Ministry And Parenting)

Written by Toby B. Holt “When ministering to others, it is easy to get frustrated with people who just “don’t get it” or don’t seem to have the will power to stop certain behaviors. It is easy to throw one’s arms up in the air when ministering to the … [Continue Reading...]

top 5 problems part 2

The Top 5 Problems with Churches Needing Revitalization | Part 2

The insufficiency (or even total lack) of involvement in Mercy Ministries Don K. Clements Last week our topic (Number 1 on the list of Gaps in Ministry) was communication between the Session and the Congregation (including both ways; two and from … [Continue Reading...]

Building an Effective Ministry Team in the Smaller Church

By Glenn Daman Pastor John sat at his desk frustrated and discouraged. In the past several months he had been working with the board and the Christian education committee to form a new after-school program for children as a community outreach. When he … [Continue Reading...]

top 5 problems

The Top 5 Problems with Churches Needing Revitalization

What are the most common issues that Revitalization Plans have to work on? Don K. Clements This past Sunday (Aug 17) I had the privilege of preaching morning and evening at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS. You may recognize the name … [Continue Reading...]

A Review: Some Reasons for Pastoral Burnout

Written by Shane Lems Clay Werner, a pastor in the PCA (Presbyterian Church of America), has been through the pastoral ringer and lived to write about it in his new book, On The Brink: Grace for the Burned-Out Pastor (Phillipsburg: P&R, 2014).  If … [Continue Reading...]

Tips For Hospital Visiting

Written by David Murray  “That fear of “What will I say?” deters lots of people from hospital visits. But you don’t need to say a lot. In fact, silence often communicates more than our words. You can speak of Christ’s sufferings and of how He … [Continue Reading...]