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We don’t know about you, but from our perspective filling out website forms in order to make contact or ask a simple question seem to be a bit much.  So we ask you to use one of the following traditional ways to contact us:

By Mail (letters only)

         Don K. Clements, Director

         Metokos Ministries

         211 Main Street, Suite 108

         Narrows, VA  24124

(This is our business address, but in reality it is just a mail pickup location; we certainly can’t afford a real office.)

By Package Service:

         Don K. Clements

         501 College Street

         Narrows, VA 24124

By Phone:

Office:  540-726-8223.  This is a separate direct phone in my home.  It is best to start by calling here first.  I tend to use my cell phone only when I am away from the office. 

Cell:  540-922-2016.  Sorry, no text function is available

By Fax:

540-726-8223.  Call first, and if we are in the office we can hook up the fax machine.

By Email:

Don K. Clements

By Skype:

Don K. Clements