Reviving Evangelism

Reviving Evangelism – A Weekend Program dedicated to both preaching and learning how to share the Gospel

Many smaller churches have a difficult time getting people motivated and involved in doing evangelism in their communities.  Metokos Ministries has developed a flexible program that churches can use to get started in this important church ministry area.

The program is made up primarily of preaching but can include a class on the Formats and Fears of Evangelism and could also include additional training for prospective ministry leaders.

The primary sermon in the program, which should normally be scheduled for the Sunday morning worship service, is on the necessity of all Christians being involved in the church’s great work of evangelism.  The sermon is based on John 17:17-19 and is entitled “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.”

The other sermons (three are recommended, but the number can be reduced) deal with essential content necessary in doing evangelism.  The uniqueness of this program is that each of these sermons are, in and of themselves, also evangelistic messages that are appropriate to invite guests who need to hear the gospel.  Thus the program is ideal for a weekend conference.

The three recommended sermons are as follows:

1.       Sermon based on the nature of sin in each and every person.  Taken from 2 Kings 8:7-15, it is entitled “The Day Of The Tiger.”

2.       Sermon based on the necessity of repentance in the life of a Christian.  Taken from Mark 1:9-15, it is entitled “The Top Ten Most Hated Sermon Titles.”

3.       Sermon based on the topic of the centrality of Jesus in salvation.  Taken from Romans 3:21-16, it is entitled “The Blood of Jesus Plus Nothing.”

If this sounds like the kind of special program that would be helpful to your church, please visit our contact/scheduling page.