Learning to Pastor


I started serving as a pastor when I was 20 years old. Aside from a year serving as a church planter in Burkina Faso, I have been serving as a pastor ever since. I was recently thinking about the ways in which I’ve grown since I first started serving, and I realized that God has blessed me with some really patient churches who have shown me much grace. There are so many ways in which my ministry has changed over the years, and I wish I knew when I started, the things I know now. I wondered, recently, if 35 year old Micah could talk to 20 year old Micah, what would he say? Here are a few things that I would want to say.

1. Care personally about the people you serve as much as you do your preaching.

I love the people I’ve served. I’ve never failed to love them, but I have often failed to value enough the personal time I could spend with them. Like many of us in the tribe I’m a part of, I have always valued preaching, but I’ve also placed so much value on preaching that I have often neglected relationships with people to sit in my office and study. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret the time I’ve spent in study. I often wish I could have more time. I do regret, however, thinking that I didn’t need to necessarily invest relationally as much in people’s lives if I could just preach well. The longer I serve the more I realized that my most effective preaching occurs when I’m preaching to the people that I love and know the best. When the people I’m preaching to know me enough to trust me, the sermons I preach go much further than I could imagine.

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