Frequently asked Questions


We need more questions!   Since the website has been totally revised, we are not sure what questions we have left unanswered.  Contact us with your questions and we’ll get the answers up on this page.



Metokos Ministries defines a small church as less than 100 members. More than 50% of the churches in the PCA and similar reformed and Presbyterian denominations are ‘small’ when measured by this standard. Few, if any, programs are available and designed specifically for such small churches. Many of the principles taught in popular church growth and vision planning models are difficult to adapt to the small church. Metokos Ministries will work primarily within this size-group (and perhaps some in the 100-150 range) seeking to provide the basic groundwork for Vision Planning that each individual church can then build upon to meet their own unique cultural, theological and financial needs.


The name is based on a NT Greek word that appears only once – in Luke 5:7. While normally translated ‘partner’ it is not the regular Greek word for partner in the New Testament. Rather it is a word used to describe the special relationship between the sets of brothers among Jesus’ disciples who owned fishing boats. Simon (Peter) and Andrew owned one boat; James and John owned another. They were independent in their business – but worked together in a ‘metokos’ relationship to accomplish their purpose. Metokos Ministries is not a ‘consulting’ or even a ‘partnering’ relationship, but rather one disciple of Jesus seeking to help others accomplish their purpose in the church.



“A Vision Plan is a clear and challenging picture of the future of the church as its leadership believes it can and must be.” (from Aubrey Malphur’s book, “Developing a Vision for Ministry in the 21st Century”)