How To Support Metokos Ministries

How To Support the Ministry

Metokos Ministries is a faith-based ministry that depends solely on the gifts of individuals, churches, and on rare occasions, foundation grants.

Dr. Clements draws no salary whatsoever from his support account.  As a retired Navy Chaplain he has a modest military retirement income (a bit below the family average for his rural county in southwestern Virginia).  All gifts to Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship for the account of Metokos Ministries go to reimburse expenses, including such things office expense (he maintains an office in his home), travel expenses (mileage, motels, food, etc.), and marketing (such as maintain this website, doing email updates, etc.)

Metokos Ministries does not charge for ANY of the ministry events.  For churches of 100 or more members, we suggest that immediate expenses for visits to the church be reimbursed if possible.

As with any mission board, PEF takes an administrative fee (currently 9%) for handling the gift receipt process, and all gifts to PEF for Metokos Ministries are tax deductible.

Giving can be done periodically (monthly by mail or online; quarterly only by mail) – which are greatly appreciated and help maintain a stable income to cover office expenses.  Of course one time gifts are welcome and frequently provide a surprising blessing when they providentially arrive at just the right time!

Gifts by mail:  Send checks payable to PEF and marked for the account of Don K. Clements to:

Mr. Joe Blake, Business Manager

Presbyterian Evangelist Fellowship

415 State Street, Suite 312

Bristol, VA  24201

Online Giving:  PEF is able to receive gifts for the Metokos Ministries account online.  The web address is:

Be sure to log in as a donor and then select ‘Don Clements Ministry’ from the list on the left side of the donor page to make your gift.

If you have any questions at all about the needs of the ministry or the method of giving, please contact Dr. Clements directly at or by phone at 540-726-8223.