Preaching Ministry

Preaching Ministry

When I become convinced of God’s call to the ministry in 1970, the call was not specifically to be a pastor, missionary, or even a Military Chaplain.  The call was to preach!  Because of that I sought out the best Homiletics program among Bible-believing Reformed seminaries at that time, and I ended up at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis.  Dr. Robert Rayburn, the seminary founder and president, was also a preeminent teacher of the art of preaching.

I began regular preaching during my first year in seminary and since then have had the honor and joy of preaching in more than 175 churches in more than 35 different states plus Belize, Canada, Cuba, Greece, and Japan.

I have been the called and installed as full time pastor of 3 churches, one in Georgia, two in Virginia.

I served nearly two years as a part-time Associate Pastor for a young church plant, preaching every Sunday night and providing leadership as Minister of Education, supervising programs from adult/leadership class through a M-F Early Education Program on weekday mornings.

I have served as called Interim Pastor at 10 churches, including ones in California, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Rhode Island, and Virginia.  I am currently licensed to preach in three PCA Presbyteries:  Blue Ridge, Ohio Valley and Potomac.  This means I am eligible to serve as an interim in those presbyteries without further examination.

I have preached a variety of conferences (including Spiritual Renewal/Revival, Missions, Bible, and Evangelistic) in over 25 different churches.  (Note:  See a partial list of possible topics here.)

I have preached in a wide variety of denominational and independent churches, including PCA, RPCES (prior to Joining and Receiving), OPC, CRC, URC, ARP, PCUS, UPCUSA, PCUSA, RPCNA, RCA, UCC, American Baptist, Anglican, Church of God, and others.

And, of course, I have served as occasional Pulpit Supply for many, many other churches.  I am currently working on developing a slide show of pictures of many of these churches that will be available in the near future in our Video Clips section of the website.

Needless to say, I love to preach and welcome opportunities whenever I am available.  Please visit our contact/scheduling page for more information.